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Ezy Jamb green credentials for adjustable door frame         

Studco Greensmart is an industry-leading initiative based on two simple principles.

(a) Sustainable building technology innovation; and
(b) Practical sustainability leadership. 

We are great believers in environmentally responsible business practises and in genuine investment for developing products that save energy and protect the environment. Our commitment to environmental responsibility and corporate accountability is evident in our ongoing certification to the internationally recognised benchmark standard ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System.

When you build with Studco products, you can earn Green Star points for Green Star certified buildings. 

Earn Green Star points with EZYJamb 

Architects and interior designers have a unique opportunity to use EZYJamb flush finish door jamb to achieve a modern square-set interior without compromising the Green Star credentials for the building. 

  • EZYJamb is made up from up to 30% recycled content in steel material.
  • It’s shipped in 100% recyclable packaging. 
  • There is no wastage generated on site.
  • Manufactured under ISO14001 EMS policy.

Talk to us today about earning Green Star points for your door jambs.

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