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The combination of premium quality door furniture and contemporary interior styling is defined in Rocyork, the accredited supplier of authentic door hardware for the EZYJamb system. Rocyork are currently developing a select range of functional door furniture that integrates seamlessly with all facets of the EZYJamb door system.
The elite Rocyork range covers…

  • Door handles for EZYJamb
  • Door locks for EZYJamb
  • Door hinges for EZYJamb
  • Door closers for EZYJamb
  • Door strikes & latches for EZYJamb
  • Door security for EZYJamb Door accessories for EZYJamb

In response to intense interest from leading architects and builders, Rocyork has released a comprehensive range of specialty hinges to suit EZYJamb hinged doors.
The Rocyork hinge range includes…

  • Herline hinges for EZYJamb
  • Concealed hinges for EZYJamb - RY45, RY50 and RY80 (Made in Italy Made in Italy )
  • Hinges with integrated door closer
  • Piano hinges for EZYJamb
  • Aluminium strip hinges for EZYJamb

For general enquiries or specifications, please contact EZYJamb.

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