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The newest addition to the EZY family of flush-finish products adds a completely new dimension to the internal perimeter of square-set interiors. Window blinds disappear, feature lighting is cleverly concealed and vast panoramas open up before your eyes with the all new EZYPelmet® from Studco.

EZYPelmet® is a two piece, pre-finished cold-rolled steel section which provides a fast, economical and prestigious solution for creating recessed window pelmets in drywall ceilings. It provides a simple and discrete transition between the interior ceiling and external windows, curtain wall facades or the building structure.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia, EZYPelmet® is the result of extensive consultation with some of Australia’s leading architects and the building industry, with the final design addressing all the needs of modern architecture and economical construction.

EZYPelmet® is at home in condominiums and penthouses, offices, hospitals, schools, houses and just about any other application where a luxurious, clear view outlook is sought.

  • Contemporary, clear view design
  • Flush-finish edge for square-set interiors
  • Completely concealed fixings
  • Does not require fixing from the top
  • Finished in white, no need to paint
  • Install from below after ceiling
  • Fastest method for creating window pelmets
  • Suitable for blinds, curtain, lights and more

Last modified on September 2, 2016

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