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Designed to look like a three-dimensional kaleidoscope that ignores the laws of physics with its luminescent appearance as a moving object; Lighthouse Tower in Melbourne’s CBD is a 69-storey residential development comprising of 607 units, automated car parking stacker system, recreational facilities, resident lounge areas, and of course amazing views right across Melbourne.

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The ever-increasing trend towards minimalistic interior design is no surprise, multiple world-wide studies link clean, spacious and simplistic spaces to calmness, happiness and a feeling of content. This has driven architects and designers to critically consider the furniture, layout and content of offices and homes when designing, to ensure only the most essential elements are used.

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The beauty of minimalist interior design lies in its simplicity. Minimalism can be defined as design which has been rid of all frills and contains only the absolute essential elements. ‘Less is more’ is the founding principle of minimalist interior design. The idea here is not to completely shun ornamentation but to remove superfluous elements and ensure that every element such as joinery, handles etc that go into the design improve the design.

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Offering residents the luxury of living within a work of art, remarkable curvaceous lines have been perfectly encapsulated by internationally-famed architect Zaha Hadid in her New York legacy at 520 West 28th Street apartments.


Further south in Melbourne, Australian architects Elenberg Fraser have designed a stunning 69 storey apartment building that creates the illusion of a three-dimensional kaleidoscope appearing to turn on its axis. Whilst these two architectural marvels reside in different parts of the world, the common theme in both projects was to ensure the interior design met the modern character of the exterior, with clean lines and flush finishes.


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London, UK–The EZY Jamb New Single Rebate Frame passed a 30 minute fire test to achieve the coveted FD 30 fire rating.

What does this mean? After months or details research and development, the EZY Jamb Single rebate frame has passed 30 minutes fire test in the UK. This has been tested to BS476 FD30, meaning that it can now be installed in applications requiring fire rated door sets. 

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Ezy Jamb wins the 2016 Architectural Record Magazine Award for Openings for the second-straight year.

Ezy Jamb has been acknowledged for its unique design of architectural products that support a strong commitment to innovation, usefulness and aesthetics.

425 entries were evaluated by the degree of innovation, usefulness, and aesthetics, and six architectural professionals, judging this year’s contest, rated the Ezy Jamb ISD Inswing Door Jamb as one of the best.

Last year, the Ezy Jamb SRC Single Rabbet Trimless Doorframe won the 2015 Openings award and the Ezy Jamb ISD Inswing Door Jamb has earned the same award.

InSwing Frameless Jamb–with concealed door hinges–wins over the judges

The InSwing frame system is designed for the door to be flush with the wall on the exterior side of the opening, but allows the door to swing into the room.

“To be recognized two years in a row is a great achievement for Ezy Jamb,” says Ezy Jamb North America Sales Manager Brandon Johnson. “It really emphasizes the innovation that goes into our new product development.”

For more information on Ezy Jamb and the wider EZ Concept range click on our Products page to discover how our award-winning products can make your next project really stand out.

The EZY Jamb ISD Inswing Door Jamb wins US Architectural Record Magazine's Opening Award

EZY Jamb walks away with another WIN at the 2016 US Architectural Record Magazine Awards. Six architectural professionals, serving as jurors in this year’s contest, rated 425 entries according to usefulness, aesthetics, and degree of innovation, and determined that the EZY Jamb ISD Inswing Door Jamb was one of the best.

For a second year running EZYJamb has been acknowledged for its unique design of architectural products that support a strong commitment to innovation, usefulness and aesthetics.

In 2015 the EZY Jamb SRC Single Rabbet Trimless Doorframe impressed Architectural Record’s judges, being awarded the winner in the “Openings” category and now in 2016 the EZYJamb ISD Inswing Door Jamb has been given the same honor. 

InSwing Frameless Jamb Concealed Door Hinges Impresses Judges

The InSwing frame system is designed for the door to be flush with the wall on the exterior side of the opening, but allows the door to swing into the room. 

“To be recognized two years in a row is a great achievement for EZY Jamb. It really emphasizes the boundaries we are pushing and the innovation that is going into our new product development” says EZY Jamb North America Sales Manager Brandon Johnson.

For more information on EZY Jamb and the wider EZ Concept range contact us today to discover how flush finish walls and ceilings can set your next project apart from the crowd.

Ezy Jamb’s new London office has opened to support the new product rollout in 2017. By analyzing over a decade’s worth of highly valued customer feedback–and intensive research and development– Ezy Jamb has improved and refined its global product portfolio, and part of this involves expanding Ezy Jamb’s presence in the United Kingdom.

Introducing new Ezy Jamb products for architects and specifiers

“In 2017, we will also expand what’s available in the UK, which includes a single rebate frame, a flush inward opening frame and a complete pocket door system all incorporating the Ezy Jamb clean line technology,” said Ben Stevens, Global Managing Director for Ezy Jamb. “We felt that the time was right to open up a new office in London to support our UK customers and the new product roll out.”


The new SRC (Single Rebate) Ezy Jamb frame gives an even cleaner look than the original Ezy Jamb EZC system, and is made from a higher grade of steel. It  wraps around the wall and is plastered up prior to installation. This gives it a completely seamless look. Due to its robust heavy grade, it is better suited for higher use installations such as hotels, commercial and retail buildings.

So if you are an architect or specifier looking for something unique and modern for any of your long term projects, take a look at our new products to see if they might meet your need. If you like what you see, reach out to us at the Ezy Jamb UK contact page so we can discuss your project requirements.

Commercial and Residential Modern Pocket Doors: Benefits and Features

Pocket doors are used in commercial and residential designs – and, interestingly enough, were also quite popular in the Victorian era, especially in the late 1800s and early 1900s. They were used as entrances to dining areas, libraries and sitting rooms – but were much noisier than today’s quiet versions. The difference is because of modern materials, hardware and construction techniques found in high quality products.

People in the Victorian era and in the 21st century share a common reason for choosing pocket doors – and that’s their space saving features. These doors slide into a wall compartment, not swinging out into working or living space; so, if you use them throughout a structure or even just in strategic places, significant space is saved. And, you know that phrase, “perception is reality?” Opening up pocket doors, especially double ones, can create an illusion of spaciousness that’s even beyond what is physically available.

Here are four more benefits of modern pocket doors:

Benefit #1: Contemporary Appearance

If clean design lines appeal to you, along with the elimination of clutter, then pocket doors are ideal. This eliminates doors jutting into working or living space to destroy that sleek look. Simplicity, remember, is the “ultimate sophistication” – a philosophy of the great Renaissance master, Leonardo Da Vinci.

Benefit #2: Functional and Versatile

If you are planning a series of conference rooms in an office building, use pocket doors strategically to have the option of opening them up into larger ones. Or, if you’re designing a home, you can build in versatility in living areas, dining areas and more. Place modern pocket doors between the kitchen and a dining room; for elegant occasions, keep them closed and decorate the dining area appropriately. For relaxing times with family and friends, open them up and people can enjoy the extra space.

Benefit #3: Convenience

You really need to lug in that big basket of laundry – or all of those boxes of office supplies – but there are sets of doors blocking you. Now, where did you put that wedge to keep them open? Pocket doors eliminate the problem.

Benefit #4: Provides Handicap Accessibility

People who rely upon wheelchairs need easy access and maneuverability throughout homes and commercial buildings. To make that happen, simply open up pocket doors, with double doors even more effective.

From EzyJamb Pocket Door Frames to Rocyork Modern Pocket Door Hardware

To get the best of the benefits of pocket doors in your buildings, it’s important to choose the right brand, whether for residential or commercial purposes.

Advantages of our modern pocket door frame include:

  • Strong and secure assembly thanks to cold-rolled steel manufacturing with a patented profile
  • Clean line appearance thanks to flush jointing with a jamb with perforated sides
  • Simple installation, with no special maintenance required
  • Adjustability in wall thickness with a split-type jamb

You can also choose from a range of modern pocket door hardware to fit differing needs and applications. Questions? Contact us online today!

Benefits of modern pocket doors

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